Rolf Movement®

Rolf Movement® Integration explores the experience of movement and develops strategies towards improved movement of the entire body.

Working with each client and their individual concerns to uncover patterns of habit that keep the body from moving easily and properly is at the forefront of Rolf Movement Integration. Remembering the ease that is possible when the body becomes more and more integrated is an exploration and primary goal during sessions.

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During a Rolf Movement® session, we will work to explore your range and pattern of movements, where movement can be improved, and how that might be maintained. Sessions might involve walking about the room doing assessments of movement and working with more effective solutions and exercises, working on sitting and standing in a way that improves ease in the body, and with perception of the body in space to promote ease of movement and awareness. This can be applied to different concerns each individual might bring such as relief of pain or discomfort in the body, improve athletic ability, recovery from injuries, and a desire to just feel better.

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“The mechanics of how the body moves fascinates me! How is it possible for Mikhail Barishnikov to fly across the ballet stage, hip-hop street dancers to move in perfect synchronicity with each other, couples dancing the tango creating a story of passion? What does it take for Michael Jordan to make that incredible jump shot? How does it work to get up and walk after a bad accident or having suffered a stroke? These are the questions we can each ask ourselves and spend time exploring the range and possibility for our bodies. ”

– Sandy Collins