Rolf Movement

The mechanics of how the body moves fascinates me! How is it possible for Mikhail Barishnikov to fly across the ballet stage, hip-hop street dancers to move in perfect synchronicity with each other, couples dancing the tango creating a story of passion? What does it take for Michael Jordan to make that incredible jump shot? How does it work to get up and walk after a bad accident or having suffered a stroke?

Rolfing Structural Integration works with the physical structure of the body and its compensations or inflexibilities. It provides length and flexibility to the soft tissues and gives room and space to the joints. 

Rolf Movement Integration explores the experience of movement and develops strategies towards improved movement of the entire body. Rolfing works to uncover patterns of habit that keep the body from moving easily and properly, as well as remembering the ease that is possible when the body becomes more and more integrated.