Equine Structural Integration

Equine Structural Integration is a series of sessions designed to bring balance into the physical structure of the horse anatomy and physicality. By bringing balance into the structure, it hopefully relieves areas of discomfort and movement difficulty for the horse making daily living, exercise and performance a more comfortable experience.

Austin, TX Rolfing 6

“Horses are my heart, my soul, my healers. Whenever I get the chance to work with them, I’ll jump on it. I was lucky as a child, spending countless hours riding and playing with my Bay Quarter Horse, Cricket. Up until the time I went to college, I spent all my time either with friends or horses.”

– Sandy Collins

Later in life, I felt the need to reconnect with my great horse passion, so I spent some time learning how to use my knowledge of Rolfing Structural Integration and applying it to the body of the horse. I also spent a year working with horses for my own personal trauma recovery from a childhood accident. I had the opportunity to work with the horses (one in particular named Cricket!) at a facility in Austin, TX using the modality of Equine Therapy. In 2015 and 2016 I was very blessed to learn more about the spiritual and healing nature of horses in North Dakota on the Standing Rock Reservation. That was an incredible experience of a lifetime! I just smile thinking about it.

My orientation to horses is casual. The majority of my experience was primarily from growing up around them, so I’m not up on the latest equine jargon and philosophy. I like to work with them and their humans to see if there’s something I can do to help.

Austin, TX Rolfing 7

If you and your horse buddy need some assistance, please call for more information at 512-327-9824.

*All horses must be accompanied by their owner or a qualified handler and 18 years of age.